Flying Aces 1939 09 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXIII No. 2 ……. The Cover: Torpedo-Plane Test – By Artist August Schomburg ……. Articles Inside: …

Wings of the Black Eagle – Knight knew he could never land that corpse-laden Flying Fortress. By Donald E. Keyhoe

Those “First 35” Are the Hardest! – “For,” says Charley, “anything can happen in your starting batch of air hours.” By Charles Yerkow

DUC Soup – A sinister chef cooked it, but Phineas spilled it! By Joe Archibald

What Makes a Parachute Tick? – Here’s the lowdown on the good old “life saver of the air.” By Dave Gold

Television Tracers – The Griffen trails the secret of the silent death. By Arch Whitehouse

Youth Air Movement News – Late bits of info on the CAA sky training program.

Torpedo-Plane Test – flyer’s skill against a whole gun-bristling battleship! Our cover story.

With the Model Builders

Baby Sportster S-2″ By Sid Struhl

F.A. “Twin-Fin Transport By Al Lewis

“Rambler” Gasoliner By Shurman & Plecan

France’s Flechair Fighter By L. Wieczorek

A Model A-A Gun By Nick Limber

Carve a Solid Westland Lysander By Don Mertens

Modelers News

Contest Calendar

What do You Say?

Workbench Tips

They had What It Takes

Modern Planes Album

All Questions Answered

Snapshots of the War

Now We’ll Ask You a Few

Through the Aero Lens

The Airmail Pals


Flying Aces Club News

Happy Landings

Join the Flying Aces Club

On the Light Plane Tarmac