Flying Aces 1939 04 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXII No. 1 ……. The Cover: If the New Caesar Raids Carthage By Artist August Schomburg ……. Articles Inside: …

Trip-Six Trap – Dick Knight saw a stark face, which in the next instant became a grinning skull! By Donald E. Keyhoe

Sky-Power Facts vs. Sky-Power Fancies – Straight-from-the-shoulder dope on the aero questions of the hour. By David Martin

Slaked Limeys? – Phineas strains the lesson before the Tommies can lessen the strain. By Joe Archibald

“Attack Formations are Ticklish! – Cutting it fine was the regular fare, until Fluger cut it finer than that! By Frank Lambert

If the New Caesar Raids Carthage – How Roman Legions may again storm the historic stronghold. The story of our cover

The Clue of the Breda Brood – “Coffin” Kirk banished from the air! And “Tank” swallowed by the “green hell”! By Arch Whitehouse

Through the Aero Lens – Our latest batch of newsy sky photos. With the Model Builders

Flying-Scale Scoop The Curtiss XP-40! By Jessi Davidson

Build the Mutter H-17 Sailplane By Nick Limber

News of the Model Builders

Here’s the Bellanca Sold to China! By M. Abzug

Gas Job Knee Action By Reeves & Steigerwalt

Select the Correct Engine By Shereshaw & Zecchitella

From the Model Builder’s Workbench

What do You Say?

The Wartime Junkers J.l By Charles Eaton, Jr.

They had What It Takes

The Airmail Pals

Snapshots of the War


the Light Plane Tarmac

Modern Planes Album

All Questions Answered

Flying Aces Club News

Now We’ll Ask You a Few

Join the Flying Aces Club

Happy Landings