First Over Germany 1945 04 21 nr 02 (PDF)



1st Aids French Drive; Bomb Trapped Nazis in Royan Pocket; sub pens hit at St. Nazairre and Lerient — Major General Turner as Division Commander, formerly head of the 40th Combat Wing — Visual targets well hit: Royan, 351st, 379th, 91st, Neumunster, 305th, Derben, Schaftstadt, Kehlenbissen, Wesendorf, Furstenfeldbruck, Welfratshausen, Ober pfaffenheffen — Oranienburg – good bombing — One less ammo plant: Kraiburg attacked, 384th Bomb Group — Then… and now: Lt. Col. Eugene F. Roberts commanding officer of the 364th Fighter Group; Capt. Ray S. Wetmore with 359th Fighter Group