First Over Germany 1945 04 15 nr 01 (PDF)



Ruhr … End of the Road: destroyed overhead viaduct in Cologne … Brigadier General Howard M. Turner, Division commander with General Spaatz Lieut. General James H. Doolittle and Colonel Charles E. Marion … Just one day against the Luftwaffe: 351st Group low squadron photo (Vechta) and strike picture of 92nd’s lead squadron (Achmer), Brooks of scouting force … On the nose: Ulzen 22 Feb. 1945, Frankfurt’s Adler-Werke, I.G. Farben Ludwigshaven, oil at Hamburg 20 June 1944, Oil at Mannheim 27 April 1944 … Ingenuity again, aircrews turn mechanic to fly back from Russia: 384th Group crew rebuilds their B-17 Stardust which crash-landed in Poland, 1st Lt. George F. Ruckman … Return of the Native: Major Clarence L. Thacker … This is what happen to a target of opportunity: Fulda marshaling yards … Weather scouts in thick of battle for Germany: Col. Budd J. Peasley, Lt. Col. Jerald C. Price, Lt. Col. Allison C. Brooks … The Russians were only 16 miles away, successful H2X attack aids campaign in East: March 12th bombing of Swinemunde … First Rocket Assisted Take Off For B-17: Captain Holub, M/Sgt. Kirkpatrick