Evidence in Camera Vol 6 1944 03 20 nr 12 (PDF)



24 pages
View of Gdynia with German ships: Emden, Leipzig, Hipper, Nurnberg, Gneisenau Fortresses leaving the targets at Regensburg; Obertraublin, Prufening Messerschmitt Factory Attacked From Great Britain And Middle East Hit Twice In Three Days
Awro-Engine Factories Destroyed At Albert
Aircraft Factory At Meulan Lea Mureaux Heavily Damaged
Water Power For Electricity – Ventavon Hydro-Electric Power Station
Heavy New Damage In Ball-Bearing Industry; Schweinfurt, Fichtel, Sachs A.G., V.K.F. Werke II., Kugelfischer Werke
Blockade runner Kulmerland
Floating workshop Huascaran
Various German Storage Depots: Loccum, Freiham, Xanten, Ulm, Travemunde / Potenitz
German Light Cruisers – Koln, Leipzig and Nurnberg; Koln at Swinemunde and Kiel, Nurnberg and Leipzig at Gdynia, Lezig in no. 6 dry dock at Kiel
Nurnberg in Hjelte Fjord and Bogen Fjord
Storage Preparation For The Distribution Of Oil In An Emergency near NantesĀ  The Me 410 Fighter-Bomber in Augsburg, Lechfeld, Gablingen, Oberpfaffenhofen Focke-Wulf 200 Crashed
50-Ton U-Boat Attacked And Sunk; Sunderland Aircraft, new type of gun mounting -30 or 37 mm.
Pylons at Harbke, Germany