Evidence in Camera Vol 6 1944 03 13 nr 11 (PDF)



24 pages

Destruction In The German Aircraft Industry – Regensburg / Prufening ….. Gotha Aircraft and Locomotive hit ….. Messerschmitt factory at Augsburg ….. Gnome and Rhone Aero-Engine, BMW ….. Stuttgart After A Night Attack; factory of Daimler-Benz A.G. Unterturkheim; Robert Bosch A.G. Feuerbach;Leichtmetallbau GmbH ….. Vereinigte Kugellagerfabrik GmbH; Fortuna Werke Spezial Machinenfabrik AG; Erla Maschinenwerk GmbH, Jeiterblick ….. Center page photo of attack on three aircraft factories at Leipzig/Mockau ….. A high altitude oblique of an area north-west of Paris ….. Demolition And Clearance In Hamburg, Aussen Alstee ….. Camouflage Which Is Different – fake damage added to the Blohm and Voss factory in Hamburg and at Albert ….. Enemy Naval Camouflage No. 5 – U-Boats Building at Danzig ….. Ju 88 Attacked With Cannon Fire On Roye Airfield ….. Enemy Fighters Photographed During Combat: FW 190 and Me 109 ….. Re-afforestation