Evidence in Camera Vol 5 1943 12 27 nr 13 (PDF)



Stamp on cover from RAF Bombing and Gunnery School in Millom; Technical Library — Attack on T/B in the Straits of Messina under attack by a submarine; photos are used to analyze the chain of events in this attack — Targets Indicators in Cloud Conditions: Leipzig attack by Halifax bombers — 4000 lb bomb on concrete runway; Trondheim / Vaernes — Bombing Sequence: attack on railway bridge at Fano, Italy — Aircraft Dispersal Areas: Thessaloniki / Sedhes airfield in Greece; San Pancrazio airfield in Italy; Kastellion Pedhiadhos airfield in Crete and Rhodes / Calato airfield — Pin-Point Bombing on Eleusis airfield, Atherns — Large photo of Fortresses during a daylight raid on Germany — Two large new German transport aircraft AR 232 and JU 252; Rechlin and Trondheim / Vaernes fields — Arado 232 and Junkers 252 at Munich / Riem and Lowenthal; Siebel Repair factory at Schkeuditz — Munich / Riem Airfield — River Seine — Lannion — Know your ports – Esbjerg, Denmark — Heavy coastal battery at La Tresorie, Boulogne