Evidence in Camera Vol 5 1943 12 06 nr 10 (PDF)



28 pages

Four Years Ago – RAF in France
Reconnaissance To-Day – Mustang aircraft
Another Viaduct; South East of Cannes, Another viaduct
Brenner Links Attacked, Trento, Bologna
Attack on Communications in Italy; Leghorn to Rome, at Albinia
Ammunition Train Destroyed in Italy; Roccasecca
Marcus Island
Borregaard Cellulose Mill – Sarpsborg, Norway
Submarine Diesel Engine Works Camouflaged – MAN Maschinenfabrik in Augsburg
Yvrench Airfield
Fortresses Flying in Formation
Seaplane Base at Gjenovic, Yugoslavia
Know Your Ports – Frederikshavn, Denmark
French and Italian Aircraft Used by the Germans; Munich / Riem, Rangsdorf
French and Italian Flying Boats; Friedrichshafen / Manzell
Japanese Fighter Aircraft; Shwebo