Evidence in Camera Vol 5 1943 10 11 nr 02 (PDF)



28 pages
Italian fleet sails for Malta; Doria, Duilio, Cadorna, Pompeo Magno, Da Recco, Italia, Vittorio Veneto

Italian Warships Now in Allied Hands: Pompeo Magno, Cadorna, Caio Duilio, Andrea Doria
Germany’s Second Largest Wool Combers: Woll-Wascherei, Hanover, Wulfel
Damage to Shipping at Nantes; Porte Martime
Wiener Neustadt Hit; airfield
Damage in Mannheim
Shipping in Altenbruck Roads, Elbe Estuary
Prinzendorf Oilfield, Austria
U-Boat shelters at St. Nazaire
Light Flak Wagons at Stralsund and Wismar
Munich Landmarks, Englischer Garten, Schloss Park, Koniglicher Platz
Know Your Ports – Lubeck; Power Station at Herrenwyk
Dummy Structures at Mannheim and Elbing
Night Photograph of a Shell-Burst