Evidence in Camera Vol 5 1943 10 04 nr 01 (PDF)



32 pages
Dunlop factory in France attacked – Montlucon
Paris industrial targets bombed; Billancourt
Pattern bombing
Merville airport hit
Golpa – Zschornewitz; NW of Bitterfeld
From Dunkirk to 1943; Calais; Preparations for the invasion of Great Britain
Details of port defenses; St. Vast;
Known your ports – Flensburg
Autobahn bridge wrecked; Groppenbruck
Vitryen – Artois airfield
Beaumont-Sur-Oise airport
Camouflaged squares and buildings; Strasbourg
Attack on La Pallice
Combat films
Blohm & Voss yard, Hamburg
Mole Centrale, Le Havre