Evidence in Camera Vol 4 1943 09 27 nr 13 (PDF)



28 pages
Bomber Command attack Ludwigshafen and Mannheim
Attack on Rouen, Scotteville
Attack on Amiens airfields and marshaling yards
Know your ports – Calais
Berlin – Charlottenburg; Osram
Attack on convoy in Norwegian Waters
Evreux / Fauville airfield and Evreux / Huest dummy airfield
Decoys for synthetic rubber works at Huls
German aero-engine factories in woods; Kassel, Altenbauna
Pommersche Motorenbau in Arnimswalde, near Sttetin
Brunswick, Genshagen
Camouflage of Laval landing ground -France
Boom across the Elbe estuary at Cuxhaven
Booms at Zeebrugge