Evidence in Camera Vol 3 1943 06 14 nr 11 (PDF)



Attack on U-Boat base at La Pallice
Dock Area at St. Nazaire Bombed
Air Offensive on Italy and Sicily; Reggio Di Calabria, Catania
Attacks on Dortmund
Ruhrort Steelworks on Fire
Camouflage in Wooded Surroundings: the Deutsche Waffen Munition Fabriker near Lubeck; Braunschweig / Volkenrode
Know your ports: Amsterdam
Combat films – attack on Dieppe
German longa-range bomber – Heinkel 177 at Rostock / Marienehe, Rechlin, Lechfeld, Larz, Garz / Usedom, Cheb / Oberschon in Czechoslovakia
Year’s history of Tirpitz supply tanker
Gablingen airfield
Railway guns and flak trains; Marseilles; Aalborg / West
French Coastal Defenses at La Rochelle
Prominent Landmarks: Le Four lighthouse; Ile Vierge