Evidence in Camera Vol 3 1943 06 07 nr 10 (PDF)



Anti-Invasion Preparations at the Hague; Sport Laan and Laan Van Meedervoort; Stadthouders Laan; Sport Laan and Kranenburg Weg — Anti-Tank Obstacle at Scheveningen — Further Flooding in Ruhr Valley; Duisburg, Raffelberg Bridge — USBC Attack on U-Boat Bases: Lorient, Bordeaux — Steel and Armament Works Damage: Bochum, Duisburg, Essen — Know Your Ports: Helsingor ( Elsinore); Zealand — Camouflaged Storage Tanks at Rotterdam; Schiedam — Ehrang Marshalling Yard and Trier Railway Workshops — German Armoured Cars; Four-Wheeled and Six-Wheeled Armoured Car — Inundation on the French Coast; Saane Valley, Quiberville, Dieppe, River Dun, St. Aubin-Sur-Mer, Pourville, River Scie — Lancaster Aircraft in Flight, Comines — GAF Aircraft of Russian Design: SB-2, B.71; Koln / Ostheim; Trondheim / Vaernes — Fighter Aircraft Shelters at Lille / Vendeville — Stavanger / Sola and Stavanger / Forus Aerodromes — prominent Landmarks: CAP d’ANTIFER; Ile Noire, Boulogne, Le Touquet — Adcock D/F Station, East of Amsterdam