Evidence in Camera Vol 3 1943 05 31 nr 09 (PDF)



Bomb Bursts on Kiel Shipbuilding Yards — Former Avions Potez Aircraft Factory, Meaulte, Wrecked — Pillar of Railway Bridge Swept Away – Moehne Lake; Herdecke; Dahlhausen, Schwerte — Ballons Flying Over Sorpe Dam — Heligoland and Dune Islands Bombed — “m” Class Minesweepers leaving La Pallice; French Liner Champlain — Know Your Ports – Naples — Camouflaged Landmarks, Stuttgart; Theater Platz, Neues Schloss; Lake covered with material on framework — German planes at tours / Parcay-Meslay; Aalborg / West; Horsching in Austria — Dornier Flying Boats at Norderney and Cherbourg / Chantereyne — Captured Enemy Equipment in the Middle East — German Eight-Wheeled Aromured Car — Damage Clearance at Rostock — Bombing Range near Rechlin