Evidence in Camera Vol 3 1943 05 24 nr 08 (PDF)



Beaufighters attack on convoy off Texel

Camouflaged water surface in Stuttgart: the Stausee, River NeckatĀ 

Pictures of RAF attack which breached dams and flooded valleys: Moehne and Eder Dams, Sorpe Dam

Roads and railways submerged, bridges destroyed: Ruhr Calley, Froendenberg-Boesperde

Village of Dellwig, 17 miles from dam, partly flooded

Nice large photo of Eder Dam and part of flooded valley. Hemfurth, Brinkenhausen, Affoldern

The damaged Eder Dam; Bergheim

Part of Kassel inundated two day after attack

200 feet of Sorpe Dam also damaged

Fighter Command combat films; Hurribomber, Alderney

Dornier bomb development; Do 17 the Flying Pencil

Tanker torpedoed; Statlandet, Bergen

Know your port – Gdynia

American attack on Ford and GM plants, Antwerp

Canadian memorial, Vimy Ridge – Gorgona