Evidence in Camera Vol 3 1943 04 26 nr 04 (PDF)



500 ton U-Boat in Atlantic defending itself with AA gun
Italian Heavy Cruisers; Bolzano, Gorizia, Trieste; Spezia
E Boat travelling at 32 knots in Strander Bucht, Kiel; Tirpitz at speed in a Norwegian fjord
Tankers disguised as cargo vessels, Venice and Trieste
Phillips Works, Eindhoven
Ju 88’s crash into Atlantic
German twin boom aircraft; Go 242 and 244, Gotha; FW 189, BV 138s at Trondheim Port (Ilsvika), AR 196s
Defenses of Hook of Holland
Dieppe, Rouen, barracks with swastika
Gun testing ranges at German factory airfields; Gotha, MIAG factory at Brunswick / Waggum, Warnemunde, lemwerder factory of the Weser Flugzeugbau, Focke-Wulf factory at Bremen
Rail loop SE Mandalay
Ostend Defenses
German bombing during battle of France: Amiens, Abbeville, Louviers, Orleans, Tours, Rouen, Calais, Dunkirk
New Lock at Dunkirk
Problem Picture