Evidence in Camera Vol 3 1943 04 19 nr 03 (PDF)



1942 Attack on Renault Works; Billancourt, Paris
Low-Level Dusk Attack, Namur
Essen, Krupp Workshops
Locomotive Repair Workshops Shattered, Rouen / Sotteville
More Damage at St. Nazaire
USBC Attack on Antwerp / Morstel
Salvage Operations on Konigsberg
Know Your Ports – Rotterdam
Oblique or Vertical Photograph – Swinemunde
Camouflage in Berlin – Alminag and Beta Lag
Flak Position on Camouflaged Island – Aussen Alster, Hamburg
German Fighters and Bomber Airfields: Vitry-En_Artois, Rennes / St. Jacques, Lille / Vendeville
Spherical Gasholder in Prague; Liben
Enlargements from Combat Film – attack on Minesweepers near Ushant
Coastal Battery under Construction – Eu / Mesnil Sterling
Bomb Detonates Minefield near Lorient