Evidence in Camera Vol 3 1943 04 05 nr 01 (PDF)



Volume 3
28 pages

Cover drawing by Brown


Drawing of Hitler and Goebels Philps

Damaged buildings in Berlin: Charlottenburg, Deutschland Halle

4 warehouses in Westhaven hit

Blaupunktwerke (Blue Spot wireless apparatus) damaged

Unter den Linden hit

Locomotive works attacked by Mosquito bombers at St. Joseph around Nantes

Bomb bursts on U-Boat yards of the Bremer Vulcan Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. at Vegesack done by U.S.B.C. Fortress aircraft 

Burning gasholder at Munich (Town Gas Works)

Still tube factory damaged at Aulnoye on S.A. Louvroil-Montbard-Aulnoye

The Savoia Marchetti S.M. 79 – Italian Torpedo Bombers; factory at Vergiate/Somma Lombarda; air force hangars at Cascina/Gallarate

Know your Ports: Swinemuende, the outport of Stettin, (centerfold photo)

Landmarks: Gravelines, Ft. Philippe

U-Boat base at Bordeaux

Minor defences at Coxyde Bains

Dutch coastal defenses: Bergen-Aan-Zee

Reconstruction in Cologne of the Benntor Goods Depot (rebuilt in 2 years)

Combat films: attack on a trawler type auxiliary ship an Fw 200 attacked by Beaufighter

Italian Roof Propaganda on National Sugar Refinery at Ostiglia

Eysden Colliery, Belgium

Ulm Railway Junction

Problem Picture: Silver Fox Farm in Norway