Evidence in Camera Vol 3 1943 04 05 nr 01 (PDF)



Volume 3

Cover drawing by Brown

Inside: — Drawing of Hitler and Goebels Philps — Damaged buildings in Berlin: Charlottenburg, Deutschland Halle — 4 warehouses in Westhaven hit — Blaupunktwerke (Blue Spot wireless apparatus) damaged — Unter den Linden hit — Locomotive works attacked by Mosquito bombers at St. Joseph around Nantes — Bomb bursts on U-Boat yards of the Bremer Vulcan Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. at Vegesack done by U.S.B.C. Fortress aircraft — Burning gasholder at Munich (Town Gas Works) — Still tube factory damaged at Aulnoye on S.A. Louvroil-Montbard-Aulnoye — The Savoia Marchetti S.M. 79 – Italian Torpedo Bombers; factory at Vergiate/Somma Lombarda; air force hangars at Cascina/Gallarate — Know your Ports: Swinemuende, the outport of Stettin, (centerfold photo) — Landmarks: Gravelines, Ft. Philippe — U-Boat base at Bordeaux — Minor defences at Coxyde Bains — Dutch coastal defenses: Bergen-Aan-Zee — Reconstruction in Cologne of the Benntor Goods Depot (rebuilt in 2 years) — Combat films: attack on a trawler type auxiliary ship an Fw 200 attacked by Beaufighter — Italian Roof Propaganda on National Sugar Refinery at Ostiglia — Eysden Colliery, Belgium — Ulm Railway Junction — Problem Picture: Silver Fox Farm in Norway — 28 pages