Evidence in Camera Vol 1 1942 12 28 nr 11 (PDF)



LUTZOW- dry dock at deutsche Werft Shipyard, Kiel
Rhine bridges; Mulheimer Bridge, Cologne; Skagerrak Bridge, Dusseldorf; Sud Bridge, Cologne, Hange Bridge and Hehenzollern Bridge
M class Minesweeper
Warehouse at Le Havre
Broad-beamed U-boat- southern lock at St. Nazaire
Paulan in a Farman Bi-place at Blackpool Aviation Meeting 1909
Boeing Fortress 2
Decoys situated around target areas- Bremen
New German Long Rage Bomber- He 177s at Heinkel Factory Rostock/Marienehe
German Transport- Merseburg glider- Trapani/Milo Areerodrome
Know your ports- Dunkirk
Attacks on 2/29 11.42 and 29/30 11.42 attacks on Turin
Temporary bridge off Nord-zee canal Zessen
Stalag XXA9 Danzig/Olivia