Evidence in Camera Vol 1 1942 12 14 nr 09 (PDF)



Cover design by Gorring
Ammunition dumps, Naval Arsenal at Toulon
Munition works in the Ramm Forest, near Lubtheeu
Store dump in the Smersfoort (Holland)
Ammunition dump at Chateaudun (France)
Whittley’s attack on U-Boat
Admiral Hipper on sea and at Brest
Axis anti-shipping base – Ju. 88s with Italian torpedo-bombers at Cagliari / Elmas in Sardinia
Vichy Air Force: Bloch 151s at Marseilles / Marignane; Potez 63s at Perpigmam; Leo 45s at Istres; Dewoitine D.520s at Hyeres
Shipping Identification Trawlers
Know your ports: Port of Bremen
St. Nazaire
Camouflage of hangars: Brest / Lanveoc Poulmic; Mounded Hangars at Copenhagen / Kastrup; Creil, Antwerp / Deurne; Liege / Bierset; Villacoublay / Velisy
Ore Quay at Narvik
D / F stations near Etaples
Decoy serving two targets: Munich / Puchheim; Allach factory for Junkers engines and Steam locomotive works at Kraus and Co.
Attack on Royal Dutch Steel Works at Ijmuiden
Prominent landmarks: Cap d’Antifer and entrance to the Port of Fecamp