Evidence in Camera Vol 1 1942 12 14 nr 09 (PDF)



Cover design by Gorring — Ammunition dumps, Naval Arsenal at Toulon — Munition works in the Ramm Forest, near Lubtheeu — Store dump in the Smersfoort (Holland) — Ammunition dump at Chateaudun (France) — Whittley’s attack on U-Boat — Admiral Hipper on sea and at Brest — Axis anti-shipping base – Ju. 88s with Italian torpedo-bombers at Cagliari / Elmas in Sardinia — Vichy Air Force: Bloch 151s at Marseilles / Marignane; Potez 63s at Perpigmam; Leo 45s at Istres; Dewoitine D.520s at Hyeres — Shipping Identification Trawlers — Know your ports: Port of Bremen — St. Nazaire — Camouflage of hangars: Brest / Lanveoc Poulmic; Mounded Hangars at Copenhagen / Kastrup; Creil, Antwerp / Deurne; Liege / Bierset; Villacoublay / Velisy — Ore Quay at Narvik — D / F stations near Etaples — Decoy serving two targets: Munich / Puchheim; Allach factory for Junkers engines and Steam locomotive works at Kraus and Co. — Attack on Royal Dutch Steel Works at Ijmuiden — Prominent landmarks: Cap d’Antifer and entrance to the Port of Fecamp