Evidence in Camera Vol 1 1942 12 07 nr 08 (PDF)



Cover design by A.K. Wall
Humor drawing by Maurice Pownall
City of Genoa damaged; Via Assarotti, Piazza Corvetto del Gevorno Genoa Flak battery
Over 40 acres of devastation: Turin, S.A. Snia Viscosa, S.A. Nebiolo Camouflage in Bremen: Kleine Weser River completely covered
Effect of weather on camouflage: the cover over river shown collapsed Bordeaux
Before the scuttling; French fleet at Toulon; Scuttled French Fleet Decoys situated round target areas, No.3 , Emden
Landing in North Africa, Algeries
Know your ports: Tripoli
Aircraft identification from aerial photographs: Fw 200s at Trondheim / Vaernes
Fortifications of the Maginot Line, Saar
Boston aircraft attacking Le Havre
Attack on U-Boat shelters at Lorient / Keroman; Frebault Barracks Area
Coastal Battery at Calais
Aalborg / Ost Aerodrome; Denmark