Evidence in Camera Vol 1 1942 11 23 nr 06 (missing pages) (PDF)



28 pages – missing pages 207/208 and 215-220
Daylight attack on Fives-Lille
Attack on Genoa Docks
French Battleship Jean Bart at Casablanca
Casablanca; Quai Delande,  Grand Jetty
Philips radio works, Eindhoven
People’s Car factopry (Volkswagenfabrik), Fallersleben
High-altitude reconnaissance bomber- Ju 86p – at Pediada / Kastelli aerodrome in Crete
Ju 86Ps at Tempelhof and Rechlin
Naval Units in Toulon
Locomotives in storage – Pau
Forts as ammunition dumps -Fort Merxen, Antwerp
Super heavy coastal battery at Sangatte / Noires Mottes, near Calais
Aerodrome at Kristiansand South / Kjevik
Enemy convoy in Ionian Sea, near Paxos
Shipping identifications – Coasters
Alkali Works, Bernberg
Arc De Triomphe
Know your ports – Bergen