Evidence in Camera Vol 1 1942 11 09 nr 04 (PDF)




Construction of 500 ton U-Boats at Danzig
Nurnberg – 10-gun heavy Flak position
Hamburg – six-gun heavy Flak position in the Aussen Alster lake
Cologne – rubble taken away on barges
Rostock – old town devastated
Warnemunde – smoke screen over Arado factory aerodrome at Gross Klein
Kiel – smoke screens
Nauen – largest and best known Wireless Stations in Germany
Radio station at Beaumesnil, near Le Havre
Lorient / Keroman U-Boat shelters in construction
Lancasters attack Milan on 24th of October, 1942
Typical British Convoy
Lancasters over Montrichard
Passenger ships: Europa, New York, Deutschland
The Deutsche Vacuum Oil Refinery, Bremen; Camouflage netting
German bomber production – Heinkel factory aerodrome at Rostock / Marienehe, Ju 88s at Bernburg, Do217s at Lowenthal
Know your ports – La Pallice
Aerodrome at Nanter / Chateau Bougon – development of a bomber and minelaying A/D
Decoy aerodrome at Nordholz / Holssel / Middlum
Timber sorting on the River Laagen in Norway and Glomma