Douglas Airview 1945 11-12 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 11 …… Cover: At a desert testing ground, the XB-42 is readied for flight, makes an arresting picture with its huge Curtis Electric propellers against the clear desert sky. This is the same type ship that made the cross-country run described on Page 4 of this issue. It is the military prototype of the coming DC-8 Douglas transport. Photo by Lew Nichols. ……. Contents:

Its A Short Time Between Oceans – Military Prototype of DC-8, the XB-42 is the first bomber to depend on speed instead of firepower of its guns

The “Roc” – Developed by Douglas, a flying radio bomb, the “Roc,” can be guided by a distant pilot using a television screen

Skymaster Into DC-4 – Pan American accepts delivery of first reconverted C-54; flies non-stop to New York, put into trans-Atlantic service. First C-54 is reconverted for Pan American

It Can Happen To Anybody. – Maybe there’s nobody like this around Douglas, but there is bound to be some close imitations. Any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental and without malice aforethought.

Douglas Day In Japan – Eye-witness account of the American Landing on Atsugi airstrip on August 30. As far as the eye could see where nothing but C-54s, A-26s and C-47s. By Maj. Gen. Victor E. Bertrandias

First Around the World – Again! – Globe girdling became routine flying for ATC as Globesters inaugurate new run. From Washington to Washington, at an easy pace, initial flight took 149 hours and 2 minutes. By Maj. Robert Lawrence, ATC

Flying; Bouquet – Freight Waits in Line to Fly, Too

In Airview – An Introduction to Contributors and Others

Brussels – Errand of Mercy

The Home Shift. Conducted by Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson

Santa Monica – Back From Hell