Douglas Airview 1945 10 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 10 …… Cover: After ten years of planning by the airlines, by Douglas; of supplying an air war around the globe, the Skymaster returns to the task for which it was originally designed, luxurious passenger air transportation and fast commercial cargo delivery. Photo by Lawrence Kronquist. ……. Contents:

How Good Were They? – Douglas Tech Rep Assesses German Air Plants

Surrender Mission – Eye-Witness Close Up Of Ie Shima Flight

To A Dog It Shouldn’t Happen – When It Comes To Dogs, People Are All Alike

Ned Nusungineja and Mrs. Pruneface – Coming Air Age Is The Dream of Remote People

Douglas Fireflies – Army C-47 Paratroopers Fight a Home Enemy

Back To The Job It Was Made For – The C-54 Returns to Peaceful Skyways

Made For The Job It Will Do – The DC-6, Luxurious Sister Ship of the Skymaster

The Transport of Tomorrow — Today – The DC-8 Sets a New Transport Standard

Largest Land Transport Flies – The Globemaster Takes To The Air


Five Years of Song

The Home Shift

Air Waves