Douglas Airview 1945 08 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 8 …… Cover: Clyde Provonsha pictures a Skymaster glimpsed from a narrow vaulted street of the ancient trade city of Shikarpur, now stripped of its ancient caravans by the railways to the north. The roofed street is the result of this city’s reputation of being one of the three hottest places in India. Remote though it may be, it is within easy reach of modern sky giants. ……. Contents:

Seventy-one Degrees North Latitude – Navy R4Ds Keep Point Barrow Alive

Air on the Job – Air Pressure Is Lifeblood of Machines

Vic Minkoff — Man of the World – World Is the Backyard of Versatile Crew Chief

Picture of War – Douglas Artist’s Unique Medium and Style

Silent Partner – The Wind Tunnels Are War Weapons, Too

Douglas Long Beach – Story of the Biggest Douglas Plant

Long Beach Flight Ramp – Painting in Full Color by Harper Goff

A Correspondent’s Notebook – Report on Douglas Planes in the Pacific

Alsib — Over the Top – Full Story of Lend-Lease Over the Pole

Flying Home – Redeployment of 50,000 Veterans by Air

Rangoon Jump – Paratroop Operation Seals Burma’s Fate

Everything Goes

The Home Shift

It’s All In Your Mind

Grabby and Tartan

Splash Me