Douglas Airview 1945 05 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 5 …… Cover: The color camera of Lew Nichols selects John Holzinger, 406, to represent the machinists of Douglas. Holzinger has been at Douglas for six years – missed only one working day in the last twenty-four months. ……. Contents:

Hurricanes at Will – Caltech’s New $2,000,000 Wind Tunnel

Around the World Is Routine – AAF and RAF Cover the Earth with Douglas

Douglas on the Air – Plant Broadcasting Brings News

Flight Veterans – Yesterday’s Stewardesses Are Today’s Nurses

Out of the Scrap – Wounded Veterans Find Health in Scrap

Night Express to Tito – C-47s Bring Partisans Aid, Rescue Airmen

The REAL Mosquito Bomber – A-20s in Italy Fight a New Foe

They’ll Want to Come Back – Even in War, South Seas Have Allure

The Scene Today – Harper Goff Paints U.S. Island Under Attack

These Are Our Weapons – Crane and Rivet Sun Fight for Us

Bomber-Borne Life Boat – Complete Rescue Craft from the Sky

How to Be Rationed – What Rationing Does to the Human Mind

It Outflies ‘Em – The A-26 Is in There Slugging

Still in There Pitching – The SBD Fights On in the Philippines

Turn Your Ideas Into Dollars

The Home Shift

Which Is Rita?

Home Is Where the Heart Is