Douglas Airview 1945 04 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 4 …… Cover: In his series illustrating the various ports of call of the world-girdling Skymasters, Clyde Provonsha depicts San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge — familiar landfall to C-54 pilots flying the Pacific sea lanes. ……. Contents:

You Wouldn’t Believe It, But… – Veteran C-47 Pilots tell some tall tales

Invaders of Germany – The Invaders Pace the Advance

These Are Our Weapons – American Industry Is Armed for War — Or Peace

They Have To Get There — And On Time – Skymaster Spares Have High Priority

Snowball Base – Atlantic’s “Worst” Air Base

Fifth Year of War – Annual Financial Report for Employes

Distance — America’s No. 2 Enemy – Skymasters Reduce Weeks to Hours

How To Ride a Bus – A Series of Bus Types

Corregidor — Revenge from the Sky – Paratroopers Retake Island Fortress

From the Streets of Manila – Two-Lane Highway Evacuates the Wounded

Desert Rat Race

The Home Shift

Time Saved Is Money Earned

All Hail, Queen Mildred the First!

Queen Douglas Chicago II

Thirteen Minutes — seven lives

How to Handle a Blizzard