Douglas Airview 1945 03 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 3 …… Cover: Emily Crittenden wears, a costume that matches the bright paint of the United Airlines DC-3, one of a large number of former C-47s released to airlines by the Army and converted to airliners at Santa Monica. Kodachrome by Lew Nichols. ……. Contents:

What Became of the B-19? – Used for Experiment, It is Still World’s Largest

From Icebergs to Jungles – Rugged C-47s Perform Transport Miracles

Birthplace of Skymasters – Santa Monica’s All-White Line Opens

War Canvas – Cook and Captain Were Both From Douglas

Flight Nurse – It Wasn’t the Medicine — Just Her

The Douglas Zoo – Look Out for Snakes Around the Plant

Transpacific Transport – The Navy’s Pacific R5Ds By 1,000,000 Miles Per Month

These Are Our Weapons – All the Fighting Isn’t With Suns

How To Eat Lunch – A Series of Lunch Types

The Invader – Flight and Battle Reports on the A-26

To Yalta and Malta – The President Rides a Skymaster

Pretty Slick

The Home Shift

Set That Idea Out of Your Head!

Long Live the Queen!

Sawing 5,000 Ladies in Half

Twice Winner

I’m A-goin” by Aery-plane

Set Outta the Way

Wild Ice