Douglas Airview 1945 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 1 …… Cover: Jack Stanfield’s photograph of the Army’s newest tactical airplane in service – the Douglas A-26 Invader, first mentioned in dispatches from Germany on November 19th. A unique development is the “all-purpose nose,” on which a variety of armament can be installed in the field, such as the above possibility a 75 mm. cannon. ……. Contents:

Traffic Cops of the Air – Life in a Douglas Control Tower

In the Wake of the Havoc – Pictures of what the A-20 does to Japs

Evolution of a Fighting Plane – The tremendous planning of a warplane

Douglas Dakota Is the Name – RAF uses C-47 under another name

Score 1 for the Skytrain – Skymaster vs. Zero

These Are Our Weapons – Offensive power from weapons of peace

Invasion Pickup – Moving air cargo without airfields

This Is Chicago – Home of Douglas Chicago is fast-moving

Figure to Keep in Shape – Douglas girls show how to relax, reduce

Patterns of Victory – War production makes beautiful pictures

The Fireball Flies to India – C-54s on the longest air-freight route

The Toughest Route in the World – First-hand report on flying “The Hump”

The Home Front

The Home Shift

Ideas—Don’t Fence Them In

225,000 Is a Lot of People