Douglas Airview 1944 11 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 11 …… Cover: Jack Stanfield’s color camera catches the last message being scribbled on the nose of the A-20 “Caboose” by Jarvis Fortune. In the back-ground looms a huge SKYMASTER – next on the line at Santa Monica. ……. Contents:

Mindy’s South Pacific Branch – South Pacific A-20 Squadron Take Runyon names

More for His Money – Uncle Sam gets more planes for less money

They Call It “Sick Inn” – Complete Air Commando jungle hospital

Double Americans – Tulsa’s Redmen are in the fight

“Too Much for One Plane” – “Old 242” supplies 5,000 isolated jungle troops

Will Oysters Fly? – Perishable delicacies take to the air

Flying Schoolroom for Skymasters – C-54 Mobile Training Unit flies to all fronts

This is El Segundo – Douglas’ second plant draws from five towns

From Floor to War – Rube Goldberg rivet sorter saves time, metal

Twenty Questions – Test your knowledge of Douglas and aviation

Douglas Invader – New Douglas attack bomber in production

One Hundredth Haul – “Beaty’s Raiders” dump load No. 100 on the Nazis

Sprint With a Hint

The Home Shift

Yes, But Can He Knit?

Factorye Pastorale

The Squirmunk

Ten Grand

Carrying the Ball

Geronimo’s Vengeance

O. K. for O. C

It Brings Hope

Fish for Dinner