Douglas Airview 1944 10 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 10 …… Cover: Clyde Prowonsha pictures a jungle glade as the background for a Pacific-spanning SKY-MASTER, which will link every corner of the globe in the times of peace to come. ……. Contents:

Beachhead Nurse – Normandy wounded return via C-47

Mr. Fix-It’s Boys – Maintenance does everything – and well

First Around the World – Twenty years ago was first world flight

Playing Leapfrog with the Japs – C-47 paratroopers play grim game in Pacific

Five Years the Champion – The A-20 goes, but the Axis will remember

Havoc Night Fighter Over London – Harper Goff illustration in full color

This is Long Beach – Home of Douglas’ largest plant

A Glimpse Into the Future – Radio man is awed by Skymaster trip

No Hunting or Trespassing

The Home Shift

There’s Always a Better Way

On the Dotted Line

Daring Young Man


Bachelor of Science

Sun Gazer

Another Country Heard From

It’s a Rocket

Scouting Around

Farewell, My Lovely

Big Rudder

How’s the War Going?

Vapor Trails