Douglas Airview 1944 05 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 5 …… Cover: Unlike her sisters on the production line, she wields no rivet gun, but the services she renders are no less an essential element of victory teamwork. Twenty-year-old Dotti Leroux, Comptrollers division, singled out by the discerning lens of Jack Stanfield, is a typical representative of the office and technical force at Douglas. ……. Contents:

The “Coconut Bombers” – South Pacific A-20’s blast the Japs

“Down Under” Squadron – Aussies and Bostons build a war legend

Mallets, Jigs and Milling Machines – Mass production is Tooling’s business

The Most of the Best – Our aerial edge is in 100 octane gas

Roll Your Own Home – Trailer life—war and post-war

They Can Take It! – Our planes take it and come back!

What It Takes To Win – A Douglas family is America in miniature

The Inside of Navy Dive Bombing – Dauntless pilots must think of everything

Curb Service Inspection – Tulsa brings Inspection to your door

Flight and Propulsion Spectrum – Engineers chart the air speeds of tomorrow

Young Blades

The Home Shift

Open for Suggestions

A Star is Worn



Life Comes to the Swing Shift

Do Cows Have Insomnia?

The Weird Whatsit

Three Chiefs