Douglas Airview 1944 04 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 4 …… Cover: The “Old Timer” in an anxious moment, depicted by Wilson Cutler. Note that he wears his “E” for good attendance record and, from all appearances, we guess he’s never late. ……. Contents:

Truk, Japan’s Back Door – American air power smashes Nip base

Speaking of Records – A report to the men and women of Douglas

Sub Sailor – Douglas worker on the “Grampus”

The Fun’s All Over – The old days on the first mail airline

Photos by U.S. Navy – Cameras catch Douglas planes at work

Douglas War Bonnets – Hats of home-front fighters

Aerial Crossroads – Natal, Brazil, traffic center of World War II

Top Priority Plane – Extra C-47s roll from Douglas lines

Jungle Aircraft Factory – A Douglas factory in wildest New Guinea ….

The Home Shift

More Than Wishful Thinking

Heigh, Sleigh and Neigh

The Saga of “Big Eddie”

What Became of No. 1000

If It’s What You Want to Do

It’s Not What You Do, It’s the Way

You Bring the Ducks

Policemen and Polynesians

Lest We Forget

The North Countree is a Cold Countree

The South Countree is a Wet Countree