Douglas Airview 1944 03 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 3 …… Cover: Larry Kronquist’s color camera show? Engineer Edgar Osborne at work over his drawing board. From its first conception until It flies away, and sometimes even after that, every airplane is under the eyes of the engineers. ……. Contents:

“Over the Hump” – China lifeline over the world’s roof

Mahomet Goes to the Mountain – Race tracks, high schools build planes

Baby Flattop on Wheels – A traveling C-54 school

The Brave New World – The man that bought an A-20 for himself

Vacation from War – “Grand Hotel” for tired fliers

Skyrocket Saturday – Story of the first U.S. raid on Europe

Captain Kegelman at De Kooy – Two-page artist’s visualization

Twenty Questions – A second photo quiz for Douglas people

Dogs of War – The war-working feet of Douglas

Well, It Happened This Way – Final chapter of the “Old Timer’s” history

First Round at Kwajelein – SBDs slap the Jap dizzy

“Germany Is Stronger Than Ever” – Army Intelligence gives a warning

Ideas, Production Front Strategy

A Pair of Queens

The Home Shift


Of Mice and Men

You Don’t Have to Be That Way