Douglas Airview 1944 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 1 …… Cover: Jack Stanfield’s camera was almost frozen by the time he finished shooting this picture of researchers Jack Scroggins and James Munyon in the Research Hollow cold room at Santa Monica 79 below zero. In the background, a nose wheel being tested for usability at Arctic temperatures. ……. Contents:

Victory in the Bismarck Sea – An eyewitness sees 15,000 Japs die

Havoc Skip-Bombers – The lowest, fastest and safest way

From Pole to Pyramids – Army air freight is blazing world trails

Expedition to Frigid Hollow – 79 degrees below in California

It Takes More than Hairy Ears – Wilson Cutler sketches the engineers

Hands that Launched 100,000 Ships – The hands of Douglas workers

40 & 8 of World War II – The C-47 brings disaster to Lae Japs

The Markham Valley – Full-color panorama of New Guinea conquest

Twenty Questions – A photo-quiz for Douglas people

Well, It Happened This Way – The “old-timer” continues his story of Douglas

Skyliner of the Future – The DC-4 prepares for peace

Mediterranean Target – Death of an Axis munitions ship

God Rest Ye Merry

For Slicing Rice-Burners

Factory Fauna

Two-toned Talent

The Home Shift

Brains Go to War – Ideas Can Win

In the Spotlight