Douglas Airview 1943 09 (PDF)


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Vol. X No. 8 …… Cover: Artist Clyde Provonsha pictures Douglas C-54s over the Arctic, where they are pioneering the war routes today that will be the global arteries of commerce after peace comes. ……. Contents:

The Navy’s Own Airline – NATS flies Douglas transports

We Make ‘Em Fly – Douglas service men do global job

With the Greatest of Ease – An airplane flies and turns on a stream of air

Hard Work – Soft Complexions..-..Perc Westmore advises women war workers

Aircrafters’ Harvest – Douglas Tulsa workers team up to save steaks

A Douglas Artist Looks at the Swing Shift – Wilson Cutler sketches Santa Monica workers

Air-Borne Guerrillas – Douglas DC-3s carry Soviet paratroopers

35,000 Sky Divers Aweigh! – Paramarines use Douglas DC-5 for training

Atlantic Sky Glide – RAF C-47 pioneers cargo glider flight

It Flew in July 12 – First Chicago C-54 – on schedule!

The Captain’s Hat – Dive bombers blast Axis subs

It’s No Mirage

The Home Shift

They Don’t Go to Sleep

Think – Think

In the Spotlight

Beaver, Beaver!

With Gun and Chisel

They Serve in Silence

Rainbow Division

The Finishing Touch

D. Y. and Bojangles