Douglas Airview 1943 08 (PDF)


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Vol. X No. 7 …… Cover: Ralph Tikker, world’s champion truck driver, at the wheel of his Douglas truck, is handed orders by dispatcher Earl Duran of Transportation. Tikker’s work is described in “Gentlemen of the Road” in this issue. Photo by Jack Stanfield. ……. Contents:

Jungle Jumpers – A whole army flies to Buna in Douglas transports

Gentlemen of the Highway – Transportation at Douglas is no job for sissies-

Sooner with More – Oklahoma production roars through on time

First Round — Japan – Japan rules more land and people now than U.S.

Meat on the Table – Plenty of eggs and chickens — if you want them

Red Star Havoc – A-20 looks just as good on the Russian front

Off-Duty Rembrandts – Santa Monica artists give exhibition and prizes

An Ounce of Prevention – Plant Protection men shoot straight

The Nest is Empty – Last DC-3 leaves oldest jig in the industry

Flow-line Assembly – World’s longest aircraft line – in 700 feet

Oklahoma’s Open House

The Home Shift

Summer Sunday

Good Isn’t Good Enough!

New Lieutenants

Quiz Kids from Douglas

Win, Place and Show

Triple Threat Whirlwind

To Remember the Occasion

For Valor