Douglas Airview 1942 08 (PDF)


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Vol. IX No. 8 …… Cover: “One of the most striking examples of versatility” in a warplane is the Douglas A-20, says Lieut. Gen. H. H. Arnold, commanding general, U. S. Army Air Forces. An A-20B is shown over the California coast in Kodachrome photograph by Harold Jackson. ……. Contents:

Ours Is Full of Holes – The Philippines fell for lack of planes.

Dedicated to Victory – New Douglas plant at Tulsa swings into production.

Tulsa Lines Are Busy – Gallery of photographs of men who run new plant.

From Rattle to Battle – Story of aluminum—wartime’s most precious metal.

Reporters – Newspaper women learn about aviation at Santa Monica.

Glamor Girls 1942 – Shop clothes of women are smart and practical.

Aruban Nights – Adventures on a tropical island.

Dept. 89’s White Elephant – A little humor saves material.

It Has Been Suggested – New ideas speed warplane production.

With Douglas Around the World – News from here, there, and everywhere.

With Us This Month – Visitors at Douglas from far and wide.

Sports – The Horsey Set

Sports – Santa Monica

Sports – El Segundo

Sports – Long Beach

Sports – Tulsa

Breezing Around Santa Monica

Keeping Up With El Segundo

What’s Doing at Long Beach

Tune in With Tulsa