Douglas Airview 1939 09 (PDF)


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Vol. 6 No. 2 …… Cover: The front cover this month shows one of the four giant hydraulic presses used at the Douglas plant to stamp out and form aluminum alloy parts. These presses, using steel dies, makes for interchangeability of parts and an accuracy impossible by any other method. More accurate parts means superior airplanes built faster . . . another proof that Douglas is ready for any emergency in our national defense. ……. Articles Inside: …

El Segundo Division Finishes lob for France ( The DB-7 ) …..

Douglas Employees Ride DC-4 – First to use new runway at L.A. Municipal Airport. Photos by Roy Johnson and J. Lyle Manion …..

Celebrities Have Courtesy Flight ….. Views and News of Personalities at the Douglas Plants …..

On to Honolulu, Hawaii By Al A. Adams ( Crew member of the “Stella-Maris II” ) …..

Santa Monica’s Rambling Reporter …..

Douglas Employes’ Homes Help to Develop the Bay District …..

El Segundo’s Rambling Reporter By Bob Thompson …..

Airviewing News of the Night Shift By Darrell Marks …..

Sports at the Santa Monica Division By Don Watt …..

What Douglas Girls are Wearing …..

Of Interest to the Motorist …..

Casual Thoughts By Harry Jay Nickels …..

Told in the Hangar …..

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