Die Wehrmacht 1944 09 06 nr 18 Ausgabe A (PDF)



88 Flakgeschuetz: 88 A/A gun manned by RAD soldiers somewhere on the West Front

Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

Tiger’s commander on the East Front; photo by war correspondent Friedrich Uecker

Five men and their Tiger: der Kommandant (commander), der Richtschuetze (gunner/aim), der Funker (radio operator), der Panzerfahrer (driver), der Ladeschuetze (gunner/loader); their Tiger, nr.901 on turret, was operating around Bialystok (Poland); photos by war correspondent Friedrich Uecker

SS-Panzergrenadiere with Panzerfausts on the East Front fighting Soviet armored advance group; SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Meierdress during the attack in his Kuebelwagen; photos by SS war correspondent Groener

Invasion Front – Protecting the flanks: German coastal positions on the Seine Bay; photos by war correspondent Hans Feitl (WBD.)

German soldiers, whose bunker war overrun by allied soldiers, called the artillery fire on their position; photo by war correspondent Hans Feitl (WBD.)

“Do not let any tanks through!”, Fallschirmjaeger, armed with Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck in combat in Italy; drawings by war correspondent E. Gross; story by war correspondent Wilhelm Beuschel Ostpreussen: East Prussia, members of Hitler-Jugend (year 1928-29) building defense positions; Generalmajor Mikosch was able to master 42000 HJ boys overnight; text and photos by war correspondent Guenter Greiner

The biggest poker game: USA politics in China; story by Erich Kinzer … USA; war advertising and the reality, Chesterfield cigarette, Higgins; article by Werner Asendorf

Pelikan Schreiband

Carl Zeiss

Gebirgsjaeger division Branderburg fighting partisans in Yugoslavia; photos by war correspondent Vieth (Sch.)

Shot down at St. Malo: German patrol boat shoots down American recon plane; the pilots decides to land on water to sink the plane but did not realize how shallow it was; Germans recover the plane; photos by war correspondent Hans Feistl (WBD.)

From water onto land: German Kriegsmarine soldiers fighting allied invasion forces after destroying their own ships; photos by war correspondent Hans Feitl

From land into water: German new weapon Einmantorpedo (one-man torpedo) and its first SS volunteer Kurt Sch (Ss-man zur See); photos by war correspondents Tomann and Boeltz

Last page color photos: Cossacks on a patrol through partisan held territory; photo by war correspondent Kalina

At the Narwa front: a column of horse-drawn carriages uses shallow creek as delivery route; photo by war correspondent Baiter