Die Wehrmacht 1944 08 23 nr 17 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Mining operation on the southern coast of France; war correspondent Greiner … German shock troops by a bridge; war correspondent A. Gerspach … German troops opposing the Canadians in the south of Caen, May sur Orne; war correspondent Hans Schurer … In a forgotten French town; war correspondent Koll (Atl.), Lutz Koch … Fallschirmjaeger fighting in a small Italian town; drawing by war correspondent Eugen Gross … Florence – forbidden to German troops but a target for British artillery; war correspondent A. Gerspach … Operation again partisans attacking German rail network in the East and Southeast; war correspondent Blaschke (Wb.) … A bridge on Wisla river (Weichsel) heavily mined; war correspondent Scheffler (WBD.) … The man-torpedo, new British weapon … Borgward … German ship convoy under attack; war navy correspondent Pundsack … Swamp-combat specialists; war correspondent Kocherber (Atl.) … How the Germans care for wounded POW’s, Dennis Salt from Birmingham; war correspondent Dr. C.A. ten Brink … last page pictures: German fortifications in the Mediterranean region; an entrance to a port blocked by a sunken cargo ship; war correspondent Gunter Greiner