Die Wehrmacht 1944 07 26 nr 15 Ausgabe A (PDF)



On the invasion front the German soldier proves again his determination and strong will that will make him prevail; photo by war correspondent Uecker

Whose victory, Panie Janie? A conversation between two Poles; text by Dr. W. Guenzel The graveyard for allied gliders in Normany; drawing by NSKK war correspondent Theo Maejko

D-Day: the invasion started on 6.6.; Leader of SS-Panzerdivision Hitler-Jugend SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Wuensche, with his head bandaged, in talks with SS-Standartenfuehrer Meyer; photos of killed allied soldiers, Cotentin; photos by SS war correspondent Zschaeckel; drawing by W. Hempel

The invasion seen from their side: allied soldiers in their LSTs observe devastating German barrage fire; Orne; photos by war correspondent Speck (Sch.)

The teeth of the Dniestr river: German infantry battling soviet forces that broke through; a photo of German soldiers inspecting captured soviet body armor; photos by war correspondent Schuerer (WBD.) and Utecht (H.H.)

German forces deploy smoke cover around one if tis ports; photos by war correspondent Schubert (Sch.)

The six things carried by German fighter pilots: life vest, parachute, one-man pontoon, compressed air bottle knife, flare gun with rounds; photos by war correspondent Engelmann (Atl.)

SFK (Serbisch Freiwiligen Korps) Serbian volunteers say goodbye; photos by war correspondent Funck (PBZ.)

German-Croatian forces capture a stockpile of partisan’s supplies along with a picture of Tito and his entourage; photos by war correspondent Grah (Wb.)

Alarm and Radio: German and Hungarian forces around Budapest watching out for allied bombers and at the same time enjoying some fellowship and music; photos by war correspondent Blaschke (Atl.)

Between Konstanza and Chersones: German Kriegsmarine in combat on the Black Sea; Rumanian Admiral Macellario decorated with Knight Cross; drawings by war correspondents Friedel and Lier

M.Hensold and Soehne, Optische Werke A.G.

Der Dralle

In order for the cannons’ rounds to hit the guns have to be examined/inspected; text and photos by war correspondent Josef Lagemann Recognitions for bravery and leadership: Rumanian soldiers who proved themselves in fighting with soviet forces that took place around Pruth and Sereth were decorated by Generaloberst Dessloch; Generalmajor Ionescu Emanoil with Knight Cross; Generaloberst Dumitrescu congratulating his soldiers; photos by war correspondents Bruetting and Schuerer

Five kilometers behind the front lines: German and Rumanian forces building defense positions in Carpaten; photos by war correspondent Hans Schuerer (WBD.)

Color photos on the last page: German four0barreled A/A guns shoot down a soviet fighter; Soviet patrol is spotted and taken under fire; photos by war correspondent Guenther Pilz