Die Wehrmacht 1944 06 28 nr 13 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Front Cover Photo

On the invasion front the German soldier proves again his determination and strong will that will make him prevail; Propaganda Kompanie photo by War Correspondent Uecker

Wessen Sieg, Panie Janie?

Whose Victory, Misters John? A conversation between two Poles; text by Dr. W. Günzel

Das Grab der Lastensegler

The Graveyard for Allied gliders in Normandy; Drawing by NSKK War Correspondent Theo Matejko

Es begann am 6. 6.

D-Day: It started on June 6th.; Leader of SS-Panzerdivision Hitler-Jugend SS-Obersturmbannführer Wünsche, with his head bandaged, in talks with SS-Standartenführer Meyer; photos of killed Allied soldiers, Cotentin; Propaganda Kompanie photos by SS War Correspondent Zschäckel; Drawing by W. Hempel

Die Macht-Mittel zweier Welt-Reiche

The power means of two world empires; The invasion seen from their side: Allied soldiers in their LSTs observe devastating German barrage fire; Orne; Propaganda Kompanie photo by War Correspondent Speck (Sch.)

Die Zange um die Dnjestr-Schleife

The pliers around the Dniester loop; German infantry battling Soviet forces that broke through; a photo of German soldiers inspecting captured Soviet body armor; Propaganda Kompanie photos by War Correspondents Schürer (WBD.) and Utecht (H.H.); Map by Dassel

Ein Hafen Setzt die Tarnkappe auf

A harbor puts on the invisibility cloak: German forces deploy smoke cover around one if its ports; Propaganda Kompanie photos by War Correspondent Schubert (Sch.)

Des Jägers “Sieben Sachen”

The “Seven Things” carried by German fighter pilots: life vest, parachute, one-man pontoon, compressed air bottle, knife, and flare gun with rounds; Propaganda Kompanie photos by War Correspondent Engelmann (Atl.)

SKF nimmt Abschied

SFK (Serbisch Freiwiligen Korps) Serbian volunteers say goodbye; Propaganda Kompanie photos by War Correspondent Funck (PBZ.)

Spuren überstürzter Flucht

Traces of Hasty Escape; German-Croatian forces capture a stockpile of partisan’s supplies along with a picture of Tito and his entourage; Propaganda Kompanie photos by War Correspondent Grah (Wb.)

Alarm und Riadó

Alarm and Alarm: German and Hungarian forces around Budapest watching out for Allied bombers and at the same time enjoying some fellowship and music; Propaganda Kompanie photos by War Correspondent Blaschke (Atl.)

Zwischen Konstanza und Chersines

Between Konstanza and Chersones: German Kriegsmarine in combat on the Black Sea; Rumanian Admiral Macellario decorated with Knight Cross; Propaganda Kompanie drawings by War Correspondents Friedel and Lier

M. Hensold and Soehne, Optische Werke A.G.

Die Gier nach Irland

Greed for Ireland by Peter Schreiber

Der Leberecht

By Clemens Laar   Part 3 and end

Wenn Granaten treffen sollen . . . müssen die Kanonen ins Examen

In order for the cannons’ rounds to hit the guns have to be examined/inspected; text and photos by War Correspondent Josef Lagemann

Anerkennung für Tapferkeit und Führung

Recognitions for Bravery and Leadership: Rumanian soldiers who proved themselves in fighting against Soviet forces that took place around Pruth and Sereth were decorated by Generaloberst Dessloch; Generalmajor Ionescu Emanoil with Knight Cross; Generaloberst Dumitrescu congratulating his soldiers; Propaganda Kompanie photos by War Correspondents Brütting and Schürer

Fünf Kilometer hinter dem Karpathen HKL

Five kilometers behind the Carpathians front lines: German and Rumanian forces building defense positions in Carpathian Mountains; Photo Report by War Correspondent Hans Schürer (WBD.)

Color photos on the last page: German four-barreled A/A guns shoot down a Soviet fighter; Soviet patrol is spotted and taken under fire; Propaganda Kompanie photos by War Correspondent Günther Pilz