Die Wehrmacht 1944 06 14 nr 12 Ausgabe A (PDF)



After climbing a rocky hill, located somewhere in southern Italy, this German soldier has now a better view of the terrain; photo by war correspondent Bernd Lohse

Nichael Graf Karolyi

Each German soldier is like a stronghold: German paratrooper (Fallschirmjaeger) equipped with MG and MP40, is seen observing enemy positions in southern Italy; photo by war correspondent Uecker (WBD.)

Battleground Italy – May 1944: Via Appia and Via Casilina – two main roads south of Rome; German Gebirgsjaeger manning a light A/A gun; Falschirmjaeger fighting around Cassino; Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troops) bringing up supplies; photos by war correspondent Uecker (WBD.)

Heavy fighting in the heart of Rumania; Torgul-Frumos, Hill 256, German Panther tank in position; Hill 334, Baiceni; Generalleutnant von Manteuffel, commander of the armored division “Grossdeutschland” with Oberst Langkeit preparing an attack; photos of destroyed soviet tanks; photos by war correspondent Schuerer (WBD) and Heinz Thiel

Island X fires: allied air armada is passing over this heavily fortified island, A/A guns are firing; Marine_Flakbatterie; photos by war correspondent Feitl (WBD.)

Rest time for an U-Boot, the crew and the engines; photos by war correspondent Feitl (WBD.) The men with the white arm bands (Landwacht) are ready day and night; drawings by NSKK war correspondent Theo Matejko

World Wars Battelfields, Galicie 1915, Gorlice-Tarnow; story by Hauptmann Wilh. Ritter v. Schramm

BMW advertisement 1923-1943


Rieker Schuhe


Chemische Fabrik Darmstadt

Sonnal Klingen


Dr. August Wolff, Chem. Fabrik K.-G., Bielefeld

Cultural monuments saved by German soldiers, Simonidi; Governour of Macedonia receives the preserved statue that dates back to Alexander the Great; photos by war correspondents Teschendorf, Nickel and Heber

Iodine – fished out of the sea; photos by war correspondent Hans Feitl

From Cassino onto a hospital ship: Germany’s wounded enjoying some comforts now, going through Venice; photos by war correspondent Gebauer

Last page color photo: camouflaged cannon being rotated somewhere on the northern coast; photo by war correspondent Alfred Tritschler