Die Wehrmacht 1944 04 05 nr 07 Ausgabe A (PDF)



German Army magazine (Wehrmacht). 24 pages.
Content: “On cover: Light German vessels making a side trip through Biscayan Sea. The Leading ship is hoisting up a change-of-course signal; photo by war correspondent Lagemann … Propagator Stalin; Dr. Eduard Benesch … Heavy infantry support self-propelled guns rolling into position; photo by war correspondent Tiemann … Goliath – radio controlled torpedo on tracks; this new German weapon demonstrating its destructive power on a disabled Soviet tank; photos by war correspondents Pahl and Hartmann … The view of Pripet Swamps; photos by war correspondent Koch-Thann … S.I.G – self-propelled infantry artillery; photos by war correspondent Tiemann … German battalion takes a city; photos by war correspondent Lechner … When its thaws out on the East Front, German troops battling new weather conditions; Volkswagen Schwimmkuebel; photos by war correspondent Etzold (PBZ.) … Soldiers artists present Kreta (Crete) in their art; art by Gefreiter Weichhaus, Obergefreiter Patzner, Obergefreiter Pfretzschner, Obergefreiter Berghoff, Obergefreiter Mueller-Mohlo; photos by war correspondent Platte … Bergkaukasien: meeting with Achmed and his Cossacks in the Caucasian Mountains; photos by war correspondent Guenter Greiner … Attack and counterattack at Nettuno, Fallschirmjaeger with Teller mines; photos by war correspondents Schneiders, Seeger, Thoennessen … Ford Lastwagen … This is total war; article by war correspondent Dr. Erich Lohrenz …Borgward … The third one with 250 victories: Hauptmann Barkhorn joins Walter Novotny and Major Rall. He toasts his latest victory right next to his me 109 Christl; photos by war correspondent Knoedler and Schultz … Field machine shop helps with plane engine work; photos by war correspondent Bruening (PBZ.) … Newly constructed Atlantic Wall leaving quarters awaiting visitors; photos by war correspondent Lagemann … Building 18km of anti-tank water obstacle in the western Europe; photos by war correspondent Lagemann … Last page color photograph: German navy diver inspects a sunken ship that blocks one of the water passages. Is up to his judgment whether the ship could be risen or demolished; photo by war correspondent Klefer”