Die Wehrmacht 1943 12 22 nr 26 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Cover: German navy seaman communication orders on board of a destroyer; war correspondent Winkelmann — Sir James Gridd — German recon troops in masks; war correspondent Uecker — Italian Front, Pozzilli; German paratroopers in action; photo of a lucky Falschirmjager whose belt buckle was struck by a bullet; war correspondent Bernd E.H. Overhues, Maximilian Kunzner, Hans Arlart — German folks living in bombed out Berlin; war correspondent Petraschk, Uecker, — Samos; war correspondent Hans Thyssen — Building with dynamite — German troops in the Balkans; war correspondent Heber — Launching barrage balloons; war correspondent Guntzel — 7 in one hole; German troops on Italy — Panzergrenadiere hunting bandits; Goertz; Arlart — German soldiers studying in a luxurious hotel on the Atlantic coast; war correspondent Josef Lagemann — Last page cover photo: rainbow over German convoy