Die Wehrmacht 1943 12 08 nr 25 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Color cover: one of this light howitzer crew member is taking advantage of the lull in fighting to adjust him aim; soon will he be able to lay deadly fire on the enemy; War correspondent Rieder — One of the crew from Hornisse (Hornet) – the new German tank destroyer also known as Nashhorn with 8,8 cm gun; war correspondent v. Koerber — German troops in action at Pozzilli, Italy; Jabos; war correspondent Bernd E.H. Overhues, Maximilian Kunzner, Hans Arlart — German Pioniere on the Italian Front; Kesselring; war correspondent Gunter Greiner — YThe hell of Battle – allied troops landing at Salerno — The hornet hunting the enemy on the East Front — German troops on the Nord Front; war correspondent Uecker — Sperrmixer in Agais; war correspondent Richter — Fighting the Italians; war correspondent Fritz Treffz-Eichhofer — From the school desk to the AA cannon; war correspondent Vorlander (Wb.) — He visits her – German pilot visits his loved one; Kurt Jeschko, Hoss — Visiting troops in Albania; war correspondent Abisch — Last page color photo: German sentry watching over a bridge somewhere in west Greece; war correspondent Spitta