Die Wehrmacht 1943 10 13 nr 21 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Color cover: Benito Mussolini rescued by German paratroopers (Fallschirmjaeger); war correspondent von Kaiser — Transporting wounded through swamps around Kuban on a small Ahkio; war correspondent Dr. Bringmann — Poster of all the sunk British ships; If blood be the price of Admirality, Lord God, we have paid in full. — German troops leaving Smolensk; demolition works in progress; OT heavy equipment evacuated; war correspondent von Koerber — Glider plane brings in supplies somewhere on the southern front; war correspondent Pietzsch — German soldiers at Mentone, Rivera and Adria; war correspondent Kirsche and Haennisch — A/A protection over the Strait of Messina — German troops at Lenningrad and Kuban — 10 T-34 destroyed by Gefreiter Rahlenbeck. He did it using one of the captured T-34; war correspondent Dr. Bohne (Wb.) — Bringing in war material from the USA to Murmansk; Dr. Petter-Paul Wrede — People from many nations work for Europe (German); OT; war correspondent Toelle — Japanese visiting the Atlantic Wall; war correspondent Schreier — German BV 138 in Norwegian Fjords (Fliegende Koffer); war correspondent Dr. Ruemmler — Last page color photos: German paratroopers along with Waffen-SS and Police forces at Gran Sasso; Mussolini seen departing in Feisler Stork aircraft; war correspondent von Kaiser