Die Wehrmacht 1943 09 29 nr 20 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Color cover: one of this heavy howitzer crew member is taking advantage of the lull in fighting to adjust him aim; soon will he be able to lay deadly fire on the enemy; War correspondent Rieder — Sir Arthur Harris — Soviet artillery barrage is over, from their positions the German soldiers are expectantly awaiting the enemy; war correspondent von der Becke— Sirens-Flak-Night fighters; shot down American bomber; war correspondent Tritschler, Loechterfeld — Tiger tank from division “Grossdeutschland”; fighting for Kharkov; war correspondent Schmidt and Broenner — Fighting around Murmansk; war correspondent Frass — Fighting for Staraja-Russa; war correspondent von der Becke — Document from no-man-land; captured Shakespeare book with documents from a Soviet soldier that served with 173 Division, 1315 Regiment; war correspondent Dr. Kurt Pauli — Cable carts over a sea; built by OT around Kertsch; war correspondent Dr. Bringmann — Arieal attack on an allied convoy — German merchant raider visited by the Japanese; Kapitaen z. S Gumprich -“On May 1 1943, replacing the ailing Hellmuth von Ruckteschell, Gumprich put to sea again as commander of the raider Michel, only to lose his life when she was sunk by the submarine USS Tarpon off Yokohama on October 17 1943.”; he served on Thor as well; war correspondent Tischer; General von Gronau — German shipping attack by allied bombers; war correspondent Kerschbaum — Steel Giants – enemy tanks; General Sherman, General Grant, Churchill, KV1 (Mius Fz. Stb. 22); war correspondent Habedanck — German merchant marine in combat duty; Marine War Correspondent Dr. Hans Feitl ( Familie Kuhn at Black Sea)— Heavy artillery in combat at Mius; war correspondent Dr. Erich Lorenz — Rumanian queen regiment on the East Front; Queen Elena; Leutnant Pantazi and Oberleutnant Sommer with “Michael der Tapfere” medal; war correspondent von Koerber — German Pioniere making a play somewhere on the Front; war correspondent v.d. Becke (Sch) — German soldiers I a boxing fight somewhere in Greece — Last page large color photo: German He 111 on the Russian southern front; war correspondent Mainhold